Christian Women

One of my favorite things to do is help Christian women heal and flourish.

(If that’s not you, know that I work with people of all beliefs and backgrounds. And religion is not a focus of therapy unless you want it to be. I would still love to meet you.)

But if you are a Christian woman, keep reading.

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

Your distrust of your boyfriend or husband is leading to constant fights, making a difficult relationship even more agonizing.

As an adult, your ongoing relationship with your mom is causing so much stress that you’re confused about how to go about starting your own family with your own kids.

Panic attacks are paralyzing you and making what should be normal, everyday activities nearly impossible.

You were sexually abused as a child. Now that you’re an adult, that abuse still haunts you and intrudes into your love life. Now dating feels scary, or perhaps the thought of sexual intimacy with your husband feels overwhelming.

You just left a caustic romantic relationship. You’ve been tossed around like a rag doll, and now you feel frayed to bits of string fluttering in the wind. You have no idea how to begin picking up the pieces and start feeling whole again, much less how to start dating again.

Is it just you, or does your daughter-in-law hate you?! You’ve tried your best to be supportive but she keeps distancing herself – AND YOUR SON – in such a way that you’re completely walking on eggshells around them. You feel disrespected and unappreciated. You might even be afraid she will keep you from your grandchildren.

Your child is an addict. Maybe it’s alcohol, maybe it’s drugs. But whatever it is, it’s devastating, soul-crushing. After all the love, sweat, tears, and prayers you invested into your child, this is never what you dreamed of or expected. Not only that, but now your child has shown him or herself to be untrustworthy. Perhaps they have lied to you, stolen from you, or spoken hatefully to you.

Your dad was a terror as you grew up. He wreaked havoc in your home. Your mom, despite her good intentions, had no idea how to defend herself, or protect you, or create safety in the home. Now your emotional walls are 10 feet thick. Getting close to any man is out of the question.

Now, will you do me a favor? Will you slowly and prayerfully read through these transformative ways of being:

  • Voicing your doubts about God’s goodness rather than putting on the fake Christian smile
  • Seeing yourself as beautiful and lovable in spite of your flaws
  • Knowing your identity as a beloved, cherished daughter of God
  • Entering into a Sabbath rest in which you finally get to stop trying so hard
  • Living into new relationship models that help you ease into trusting and getting close to a core group of friends and family
  • Seeing why God even created feelings and what their proper role is in your life
  • Experiencing your dignity as a bearer of God’s image
  • Finding peace from secret, unspeakable sins and desires
  • Voicing your feelings and needs bravely and effectively
  • Hearing God speak to you and answer prayers
  • Turning your weaknesses from a hindrance to a tool for flourishing
  • Digging gently to root beliefs that handicap you
  • Developing a stronger sense of who you are
  • Learning to approach potential friendships or romantic relationships with greater confidence
  • Entering a more authentic conversation with God in which He takes up residence in your biggest hurts
  • Discovering that you are a gift to the world and other people need what you have to offer
  • Processing the evil and wrongs done to you and addressing issues like anger, boundaries, and forgiveness
  • Experiencing peace of mind in God’s care for you

These are some of the conversations that come up with my Christian sisters who come into therapy. If you’re ready to break through stuckness, get your hands dirty, and do some serious work towards more abundant life, give me a call at (626) 351-9616 ext. 143 or email me at