The stress and anxiety fills up your body and melts into tears. You cry more than you would like to admit. You are scared and feel helpless. You’re frustrated with yourself and your own emotional reactions, which don’t seem to be helping the situation one bit. You’re afraid you will feel this way and be in this situation forever. You’re afraid of being alone, emotionally if not physically. You think no one else knows the terror of being stuck in this situation, but I get you. I’ve been there too.

You are hoping that a healthy relationship with your loved one (boyfriend, husband, mom, etc.) is somehow still possible. You want your anxiety out of the way so you can have a healthy happy family and fulfill every creative project you’ve dreamed of but never completed.

You want therapy to help you feel that inner peace, that sense that the world’s ok, your family’s ok, you’re ok. You want to know deep down that you’re enough. That you’ll get to the end of your life and be satisfied with the paths you chose.

You want to get back in the driver’s seat rather than have your emotions drive you. You want strategies for connecting with others without overwhelming them. You want to love others and be loved in return.

Hi, I’m Jennifer. I’m a big fan of the grace of God that not only embraces us with all our flaws, but then goes and transforms us. I help women and men become more whole so they can live creative, productive lives in close relationship with others.

If you choose to come see me, I think you will have a very special and transformative experience.

Some people have never done therapy before, and taking that first leap is scary!

Some have had really positive experiences with past therapists, and desire to build on that good work.

Others among you have been in therapy before, either short or long-term, and haven’t really seen much of a change. If you come see me and we settle into work together, I don’t think you will leave unchanged. We will dig deeper than many therapists are willing to go. We will uncover hidden emotions and beliefs about yourself, other people, and God. It can be a wild and emotional ride, but if you’re willing to go there with me, I think you will find you are a more connected, confident, and whole person in a year or 5 years from now.

I have a little theory that a lot of the meaning and satisfaction we crave in life can be discovered in loving and being loved – not only romantically, but also within the other close relationships in our life. If you are ready to explore more deeply what it means to love and be loved, or whatever other issue you may be going through, I am available to go on that journey with you. Please don’t hesitate to email me at jennifer.camareno@laviecounseling.org or call me at (626) 351-9616 extension 143 to get more information or schedule a consultation.


I see a few people out of our Pasadena office. However, at the moment I am only taking on new telehealth clients.


English and Spanish




I can work with PPO insurances as an out-of-network provider.

Treatments Offered:

Individual adults

Theoretical Orientation:

~Prepare & Enrich