Do you long for healing?

Maybe you’re drowning underneath anxiety, trauma, or depression, but don’t even know what healing looks like.

Do you long to break negative relationship cycles?

Maybe you find yourself stuck in the same negative loop, with the wrong person, or trying to connect in the wrong way.

Do you long for peace?

Maybe you know deep down you have a lot of unprocessed feelings. You long to be vulnerable and emotionally connected to the important people in your life, but you have been hurt before. Opening yourself up again feels scary.

Christian counseling can transform broken places.

Hi, I’m Jennifer, a recipient of God’s grace and wounded healer. I help women and men become more whole so they can live creative, productive lives in close relationship with others.

I think what ultimately satisfies our hearts is to love and be loved. If you are ready to begin the journey of healing, please reach out. I’m here for you.


English and Spanish – Se habla espanol


Individuals: $120
Premarital Couples: $160


I am an out-of-network provider with PPO insurances. At your request, I can provide you with a superbill to bill your insurance.

services provided: 

Telehealth only
Individual adults
Premarital Counseling

Good Faith Estimate:

As of January 1, 2022, prior to beginning counseling sessions, or at your request, you are entitled to receive a Good Faith Estimate of what the charges could be for therapy services provided to you.

I cannot know in advance exactly how many counseling sessions you may need or desire. However, I can provide you with an estimate of the cost of services based on our agreed-upon fee structure. This estimate is not contractual and you are under no obligation to attend a specific number of sessions. The actual charges will vary based on number of sessions attended. The number of sessions that are appropriate for you will depend on your unique needs and goals. You and I can discuss this further as we plan your treatment. Also, you are entitled to disagree with any recommendations made to you concerning your treatment and you may discontinue treatment at any time.

You have a right to initiate a dispute resolution process if the actual amount charged to you substantially exceeds the estimated charges stated in your Good Faith Estimate (which means $400 or more beyond the estimated charges).

You are encouraged to speak with me as your provider at any time about any questions you may have regarding your treatment plan, or the information provided to you in this Good Faith Estimate.