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Maintaining Mental Health During Coronavirus

This interview is drawn from a portion of a podcast I was part of through Christ Church Sierra Madre. I hope the information I share here helps you as you engage in self reflection and assessment during this difficult quarantine season! Q: COVID-19 has made life hard for a lot of us. In certain ways, … Continue reading Maintaining Mental Health During Coronavirus

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“In Christ” – Wholly Human

The phrase "in Christ" gets tossed around like a basketball in the Christian world. So often we dribble and pass it around carelessly. We don't realize the potential we hold in these two words. We know it's something nice, but how often do we grasp what it means for our daily lives? Even if we … Continue reading “In Christ” – Wholly Human

Learn to Express What Your Heart Needs

This is for you if you are ready to build closer relationships with family and friends, without losing yourself in the process. Many of us learned from the time we were just itsy bitsy that the best way to stay close to those we love is by not rocking the boat. As eager little students … Continue reading Learn to Express What Your Heart Needs

5 New Years Resolutions from a Therapist

How to Achieve Inner Peace and Flourishing in 2019 We all know New Years Resolutions don't work. Getting sweaty at the gym on the daily, eliminating soda consumption, or keeping a surplus of cash in the checking account at the end of every month are all lovely goals, but the problem is we tend to … Continue reading 5 New Years Resolutions from a Therapist

How Shame was Born: A Theological Perspective

Peter Scazzero’s Awakening In Emotionally Healthy Spirituality, Pastor Peter Scazzero shares his story of growing up in an Italian-American family. Ever pushing himself and his family, Peter’s father's greatest goal for his children was that they go to college. Dad’s workaholic bent left Mom alone to raise Peter and his four siblings. During those years, … Continue reading How Shame was Born: A Theological Perspective

I am, am I? Therefore I Worship – by Chris Camareno

by guest author Chris Camareno, also known as my husband. Originally posted on Tempest Index. Worship is an interesting concept. It’s almost foreign to modern minds. We typically assume it is something anachronistic, practiced by the ancients to fictional gods. Or maybe it’s what religious people do on Sundays. If you’re a Christian, you might … Continue reading I am, am I? Therefore I Worship – by Chris Camareno

Symptoms vs. Root Cause

The Annoyance of Symptoms Our feelings often produce pesky symptoms, like inability to concentrate for a depressed person, constant hand-washing for an OCD sufferer, or nail-biting for an anxious person. Symptoms like these can cause secondary irritation for the person who is already suffering psychologically. At their extreme, the symptoms in and of themselves can … Continue reading Symptoms vs. Root Cause