Premarital Counseling

Are you heading towards marriage? Some studies indicate that getting premarital counseling decreases divorce by a whopping 50%!

You know you like each other, you can see a future together. Great! Marriage is one of the most amazing adventures you can embark on. And premarital counseling is one of the absolute best ways to lay a solid foundation before you say “I do”!

I am certified in Prepare-Enrich, a premarital counseling program that starts with an online questionnaire you and your significant other each answer individually.  The questionnaire assesses 9 essential areas of compatibility and complementarity. Next, I will meet with the two of you for a minimum of 4 sessions to discuss your results and how they compare with your partner’s results.

However, beyond the wealth of information gained from the assessment, I will utilize this data to help you as a couple work towards strong communication and a harmonious relationship. Premarital counseling can be an extremely fun and informative adventure with your significant other that goes beyond surface conversations to cultivate a foundation of satisfying intimacy for your future!