The Blindfold As a Christian therapist, one of my most preciously held values is that every human being is formed in the image of God, often referenced by its Latin imago dei. Today I wanted to shine some light on the house of horrors our world becomes when we humans forget we are created in the … Continue reading Dehumanization

What is the “Sinful Nature”? Part 1

People fascinate me to no end, which I guess is one reason I decided to become a therapist. The problem is, that while we as people have our aspects of indescribable beauty, we are also marred by some really ugly ugliness. I’m wrestling now as to how to share my heart with y’all - today’s … Continue reading What is the “Sinful Nature”? Part 1

4 Things to Know About Human Nature

What drives us?  In November of 2017, Devin Kelley walked into a small church in rural Sutherland Springs, Texas, and shot and killed 26 parishioners. Though all of the mass shootings grip my heart, this one especially shocked and horrified me, because I grew up in Northeast Texas. The slaughter of men, women, and even … Continue reading 4 Things to Know About Human Nature