Symptoms vs. Root Cause

The Annoyance of Symptoms Our feelings often produce pesky symptoms, like inability to concentrate for a depressed person, constant hand-washing for an OCD sufferer, or nail-biting for an anxious person. Symptoms like these can cause secondary irritation for the person who is already suffering psychologically. At their extreme, the symptoms in and of themselves can … Continue reading Symptoms vs. Root Cause

Are You and Your Spouse Incompatible?

Take Your Marriage's Pulse Take a quick moment to assess the current state of your marriage. On a scale of 1-10, how would you score these 13 areas: Closeness Communication Sexual intimacy Spiritual Intimacy Emotional safety Feeling respected and valued Teamwork Trust Conflict resolution Friendship/Fun Finances Parenting Negotiation of household tasks Maximum score is 130 points. How did … Continue reading Are You and Your Spouse Incompatible?

“The New Science of Romantic Love”

For many of us, marriage feels hard and communication is confusing. We're mystified and distressed by the messages coming from our spouse. Do People Really Fall in Love in Mysterious Ways? For generations, we have been perplexed, befuddled, and stumped by what it is that makes people fall into and out of love. In Western culture, … Continue reading “The New Science of Romantic Love”

You Have Feelings? How…Awkward!

“Many of us grew up under the impression that internal stuff shouldn’t be discussed - it should be swept under the rug.” - Forbes We all have feelings. Women do. Men do. Kids do. Parents do. Many parents didn’t know how to deal with their emotions. And they definitely didn’t know how to deal with … Continue reading You Have Feelings? How…Awkward!